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Instinct by Jeremy Robinson

Instinct CoverGeoscience factor: Evolution

Bonus science: Epidemiology

Spoiler: Hydra and Hercules are real

Rating: 5

If I had paid closer attention to the full title of Instinct, I would’ve had a completely different reading experience. I only read the spine and carelessly shrugged my shoulders at the subtitle: a Chess Team adventure, therefore letting myself expect a hard-core scientific thriller instead of an adventure in the manner of Jules Verne or H. Rider Haggard.

Instinct was fast-paced and the setting deep in the Vietnamese jungle was intriguing. However, the evolution aspect was lightly handled and the characters chose odd moments to discuss outbreaks. Maybe discussing the history of smallpox is a good way to relieve stress when you are about to be gunned down by the enemy.

If you like adventure and the implausible, I would recommend this book. In fact, next on my reading list is another book by Jeremy Robinson, Antarktos Rising.



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