Hogsel and Gruntel and other animal stories by Dick King-Smith

Hogsel and Gruntel coverGeoscience factor: Dinosaurs

Spoiler: Hogsel and Gruntel defeat the witch.

Rating: 7

Many of you may know Dick King-Smith because of the movie adaptation of Babe the gallant sheep-pig, but King-Smith wrote more than a hundred books.

Hogsel and Gruntel is a collection of children’s stories with some re-tellings and some new tellings, chosen for this blog because of the short story “Dinosaur School.”

The writing was simple and most enjoyable for its sense of humor. There were odd tidbits about the natural world, like when do hedgehogs hibernate, how many legs do octopi have, and what would a dinosaur do with two brains.

Much appreciated as well was the fact that while there might be lessons to be learned, most animals go along their grumpy way and seem to live life much as before without necessarily learning a moral.


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