Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

GJurassic Park covereoscience factor: Dinosaurs

Bonus science: Genetic engineering

Spoiler: Scientists’ intentions go horribly wrong!

Rating: Not available

I refuse to review Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. The best thing about the book was the score that John Williams composed for the movie adaptation. The next best thing was how much space the book could fill on airport bookstore shelves. Although, I must mention that when I listen to John Williams’ main theme, the music reminds me of marching band practices held in cavernous concrete stadiums during thunderstorms or of childhood daydreams about Peter Pan-type adventures. The theme music, with its soaring French Horn melody, doesn’t make me imagine a Tyrannosaurus rex or other genetically engineered dinosaurs, or really, any sort of fantastical, prehistoric beast that will grab at me through my bedroom window and eat me in the middle of the night, a fear that probably originated on a visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park.

At some naïve point in my life it was my goal to read all of Michael Crichton’s books. And then I saw Disclosure and heard a Michael Crichton interview. And informally boycotted Crichton along with Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. Crichton because of his misogyny, Cruise and Gibson because of their particular arrogance in confusing themselves with the fictions and personas that they create. Recently, I read that part of Crichton’s literary style, or reputation, is how he mixes fact with fiction, presenting fiction in the same matter of fact tone as the truth. So, Crichton is in good company.

I lifted my ban long enough to re-read the first chapter of Jurassic Park. Costa Rica, mysterious animals, a host of stereotypical characters that could have noticed something off and prevented further disasters but the DOOM of the thriller genre  let nothing get in the way of the tragedy. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I’m pretty sure some people were attacked, some people died, and something of great potential was perverted by greed and scheming, weather and natural instinct.

I highly recommend Mahler as an alternative to John Williams and the Jurassic Park Wikipedia article instead of the book.



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