Footprints of Thunder by James F. David

Footprints of Thunder coverGeoscience factor: Dinosaurs

Bonus science: Time Space Continuum

Spoiler: If you try and kiss a girl, she will be eaten by a dinosaur, or something worse! Fossils don’t make sense!

Rating: 3

This just in from the News of the Strange- dinosaurs have been brought to you in New York, Florida, and Portland! See prehistoric creatures, witness modern-day panic! Behold James F. David’s attempt to be thrilling!

Footprints of Thunder is a mediocre read, from the bargain bin title that doesn’t quite fit the plot, to the generic cover art that doesn’t quite correspond to the story, on to the troubled characters that cobble together the catastrophic events. Even the writing bespeaks a passable literacy, relying heavily on cliché to tug at the reader’s heart and mind.

Base instincts drive humans and dinosaurs in similar ways, but the displaced dinosaurs’ primal impulses are more enthralling than the humans’. In particular the tale of the Iguanodon had me in tears. As you can guess, that storyline ended.

For a book that quotes prophecies at the beginning of almost every chapter, it’s odd that the humans live completely in the moment, reacting and acting without thought to consequence. Despite the government and scientific communities that David describes, David’s portrayal of individuals doesn’t allow for a society capable of contemplating the Time Space Continuum, much less destroying or repairing it.

As seems usual in these dinosaur thrillers, the U.S. president makes an appearance, prompting the patriot to wonder, “How will America once again save the world? Will American families be reunited? Will dinosaurs be granted citizenship?”

I leave it to you, Reader, to make the bold decision to either engage in this second-hand thriller or to send it off to the Goodwill in a plastic bag of oversized pants and a functioning VCR.


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