Petrogypsies by Rory Harper

Petrogypsies coverGeoscience factor: Petroleum

Bonus science: Symbiosis

Rating: 7

Before there were cowboys and aliens, there was Rory Harper’s vision of roughnecks and aliens. Petrogypsies is the story of the machinery and machinations of how the early oil industry could have been. Our hero, Henry Lee McFarland, is a naive farmboy who joins a troupe of oil-divining gypsies as they travel the South searching for the next big oil strike. Along the way, McFarland learns about drilling, calculus, aliens, and even love.

I got a kick out of this book, not least because of the Texas-inspired personalities and landscapes. While other readers might groan, I can appreciate outrageous but well-written tales that feature strapping young lads and other campy stereotypes. À chacun son goût.

I recommend Petrogypsies for a fun, summer-time read.




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  1. salutations from over the sea. Great article I will return for more.

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